How to use a fountain pen?

Nowadays many people love to use a fountain pen. The fountain pen has the pointed nib and a circular tip so it will create different stroke of widths which depend upon on the pressure and speed. You can refill the ink cartridges on the fountain pen and use it for a long period. Writing on the fountain pen will make it much easier. Here is the list of steps to be followed while writing in a fountain pen.

Steps to use the fountain pen:

Hold it properly:

First, we should remove the lid from the pen and hold it properly then fix it dominantly on your hand then hold it gently between your thumb and index finger. Your barrel hand should be in rest against your middle finger. Keep the other hands rest on the paper and stabilize your hand. Make sure that you keep the pen lid down.

Place the nib on the paper:

The fountain pen has the pointed nib and rounded. Place the nib properly on the paper to write so you can get the sweet spot. Angle the pen at 45- degree and place the pen against the paper. If the students follow this they can write neatly on the school notebook.

Keep your hand right:

While you are writing there are two ways to control the pen with your hand. Hold the pen on your hand and keep your wrist rigid as you move your arms shoulder to move the pen. Practice a few strokes in the pen to write and start making a few strokes against the paper until you feel free for writing.

Apply gentle pressure:

You don’t need to press hard with a fountain pen, but you want to apply the nib with some less pressure in the paper. Use light strokes as you write, writing with your hand instead of your fingers will help you to ensure that you don’t apply too much of pressure. 

Refill the ink:

They are three types of fountain pen they are cartridge, converter cartridge and piston.

  • The cartridge pen is most common today they are easy to refill.  If one cartridge is over then you can replace the cartridge and use it.
  • Converter cartridge is the reusable one if one cartridge is over we can throw it and use the other one
  • Piston pens are the one which comes out from the own refilling system. If the ink gets over you can refill the fountain pen ink into it.


Features fountain pen nib:

  • The round nib is used for the uniform lines
  • The small nib is used for the thinner lines
  • The firm nib is used for the regular writing  

Final thoughts:

The fountain pen is used as a regular writing tool for everyday use. It will help you to improve the handwriting. It is the unique pen which has been used for long days. It is very friendly to use in the notebooks and papers. The fountain pen does not have any leakage in it. So it will make the clear and neat writing on the paper. Their nibs were also very smooth to handle.