Firstly, it’s important to note that Canada is widely regarded as one of the safest places in the world. Also students can live carefree in York University Housing in Toronto. But you need to follow the safety precautions in Canada that you would anywhere else in the world. Your safety must be your number one priority.

Safety in case of emergency:-

If you get in trouble or witness a crime, don’t hesitate to dial 911. It is a central number for police, fire, and ambulance throughout Canada. Even translators are available if your first language is not English. If you get robbed, don’t try to argue or fight. Also, if you are assaulted, shout or blow a whistle to attract attention to your situation. Protect your body and distract the attacker to escape. Always remember, if you are a victim of a crime, no matter how small, report it to the police.

Transportation Safety:-

If you want to go to a particular destination, make sure you know your bus route and schedule. Also, taxis are a good option to get home if it is late at night. Keep the number for a taxi company on hand, just in case. Canadian taxis should all have running meters showing the cost of the ride. Drivers will not try to negotiate a price with you.

Many other public transportation systems also offer special assistance. Like for those who travel alone at night. When hiring the bus, make sure you know the route and bus schedule beforehand, and choose a busy, well-lit bus that stops late at night. If possible, select a seat up front, close to the bus driver so they can step in if anyone is harassing you. Don’t hesitate to switch seats if anyone is making you uncomfortable. Your comfort and safety is very important than avoiding being seen as rude. In late hours, try to ask your bus driver to stop at the street nearby to your destination. So that you can cut down on walking alone late at night as much as possible.

Walking Safety:-

When you are walking alone, be aware of who or what is going around you. Don’t walk with earphones or headphones listening to music. It’s because it might distract you from your surroundings. Some places can be safer than others. Seek advice for the best routes to take when hanging out. You must walk on well-lit, busy streets at night, and travel with a friend if possible. Don’t go from isolated areas, like parks or gardens. If walking alone then walk with confidence. Also, make sure you plan your route to and from your destination.

Inform someone where you are going and when you will get back. If you are being followed then change directions and visit the nearest store, restaurant, or public place. Don’t carry large amounts of money or weapons. Also you must know that weapons are illegal in Canada and can be used against you.

Drinking and Parties:-

You must know the legal drinking age in your province. Carry or passport to purchase alcohol or to enter a bar or club. If you visit bar, make sure you go with friends or colleagues to ensure there are people you trust. They would help you if you run into any problems. Always be assure to have a plan to get home that does not involve drinking and driving. This reveals to have a friend as a designated driver, taking a taxi, using rideshare, or taking the bus. Don’t share pool cabs.

Apartment Safety:-

Don’t let people enter you don’t know into your apartment building. If you are not expecting any maintenance or a delivery, refer them to the building manager. This reveals not holding the door open for people you are unaware of. This might feel arrogant, but your safety being in Canada and the safety for your neighbors or roommates is also important. Always lock your doors and windows, even when you’re at home. Check through the peephole before opening your door for someone. It’s a good idea to get to know your neighbors, so you may have people around who will help you in case of an emergency.