Start Preschool in Toa Payoh:  10 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Preschool


Whether your kid is starting preschool in Toa Payoh or moving up a grade, there’s a lot you can do to help them succeed this year, including talking to them about their worries and concerns. In addition, it’s natural for children to experience anxiety as summer draws to a close; after all, your child is returning to a structured group setting after months away. Some children will welcome the change happily, while others may require more assistance to adjust.

The following advice can aid your child’s transition into the upcoming school year and provide them with a fresh perspective on the joys of the classroom.

1.   Develop a passion for reading

A child who enjoys reading has a head start on expanding their vocabulary. It would also boost your child’s confidence and is a crucial step in preparing them to tackle language-related subjects in infant care in Singapore. Additionally, try establishing a family reading schedule and demonstrating the importance of reading to your children. And don’t forget to encourage reading in your native language as well. Exposing your child to various genres and allowing them to choose the books to read is a great way to foster a love of reading. When you set aside time daily to read to your child, they will acquire new concepts and vocabulary.

2.   Attend the orientation session with your child

The majority of schools will hold an orientation session before the start of classes. Bring your kid along. The school tour is an excellent opportunity to examine the classroom, cafeteria, restrooms, and bus pickup and drop-off locations. Ask your child if they have any additional questions after touring the school. If your child is attending your infant care alma mater in  Singapore, relating anecdotes from your time there will make the experience more engaging and relatable.

3.   Play at their new preschool

Together, visit your child’s preschool in Toa Payoh. Arrange a tour of the school with your kid. Play a few times on the school’s playground before enrolling your child in the programme. These visits prepare toddlers for preschool by increasing their comfort and confidence in this new environment.

4.   Stay involved

Separation from parents is a significant milestone. Even if your child has previously attended an early toddler or childcare registration, a new classroom and teachers may cause anxiety. Some children develop independence faster than others, with some being able to separate from their parents without difficulty while others need additional assistance. It is essential to strike the proper balance for a child’s development of independence. Communicate with the teacher if your child has difficulty saying goodbye to you. Teachers have extensive experience in this area and can assist in developing a plan, such as bringing a photo to school or temporarily shortening the school day. Never sneak out without telling your child, and be prompt for fetching at the end of the day.

5.   Discuss making new friends

Moving to the best kindergarten in Singapore frequently involves leaving behind old friends and making new ones. Affirm your child how they can make new friends. Assure them that they will still have the opportunity to see their friends. Set up some playdates with your child’s pre-kindergarten classmates within the first two months of school so they can maintain these friendships.

6.   Suggest recess tips

Your child is likely to experience the most confusion during recess. The rush of students to the canteen, the decisions they must make, and the need to manage money within the 30 to 45-minute recess period are typically initially quite stressful. Discuss with your child how to manage money, deal with lines, and decide what to eat during recess. For the first two weeks in the best kindergarten in Singapore, you may want to pack a small sandwich or snack for your child so that they will have something to eat if recess becomes too hard to manage.

7.   Use role-playing to help kids prepare for preschool

Take turns as the parent, the child, and the instructor. Act out daily activities, such as saying goodbye to your parents, removing your coat, singing songs, reading stories, participating in circle time, playing outside, and taking naps. Assure your child that they will have fun and learn at their preschool in Toa Payoh. Answer their queries with patience. It allows children a greater sense of control, which reduces their anxiety.

8.   Tell them to expect a new schedule

Your child’s routine for the best kindergarten in Singapore will require many adjustments, ranging from early morning wake-up times to mornings divided into long periods. What would have been a 15 to 20-minute activity in the toddler years will now be a 30-minute session. Unfortunately, parents need to adjust their sleep schedules, but things settle quickly! It is a big transition for young children, so make sure they get enough rest.

9.   Express and acknowledge feelings

The beginning of preschool in Toa Payoh is an exciting adventure, but it is normal for you and your child to feel anxious. Urge your child to express these emotions, pay close attention, and acknowledge their fears. Acknowledge your ambivalence or anxiety at the same time. You may observe alterations in your child’s behaviour as they process their emotions. Frequently, children regress in one area while developing in another. Occasionally, children regress in toilet training or lose their independence. With nurturing support, these changes in behaviour are temporary.



     10. Make your child familiar with the route to school

Conduct a dry run of your child’s transportation route to and from school. Determine how well parents and caregivers can manage the logistics by timing the trip and observing the traffic at the actual drop-off and fetching times. In addition, let your child see these routes to let them know the roads, who picks them up and at what time. The objective is to familiarise them with the journey so children won’t be surprised by it when they go to infant care in Singapore.


Starting something new can be intimidating and overwhelming, but it can also be a lot of fun! Reassure your child that you will be there to pick them up at the end of the day, and discuss the routines involved.

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