4 Myths About An English Tuition Centre

Learning English as your second or third language is indeed one of the best decisions you will ever make. Apart from helping you bolster your career in the country and abroad, it also makes travelling easier. It is why parents enrol their kids in a good English tuition centre for a secondary school in Singapore. 

However, there are still a few who are a bit hesitant about the secondary English tuition. The reason? The myths and misconceptions surrounding an English tuition centre.

Here are the truths behind the myths about English tuition for secondary school students in Singapore:

MYTH #1: Translating is the same as thinking in English

There are lots of shortcuts to learning English; one is translation. People would write a sentence in their language and try to translate each word into English.

The problem with this is the incorrect grammar. The best way to learn English is to think and write in English instead of translating it. You will eventually learn it from an English tuition centre.


MYTH #2: Native English speakers are better teachers

Some people think you can learn English better and faster with a native speaker, but that is not always the case. The capability to speak, write, and read in English is not only a qualification. You should also consider their credentials and teaching experience of the English tuition centre.

Moreover, not all native English speakers are not familiar with the logic behind the grammar rules and patterns.

MYTH #3: You should be immersed in the English culture to learn the language

English, as a lingua franca, is spoken in many countries. In fact, in 165 countries in the world, more than 60 have English as their official language.

People in these countries learn English without necessarily immersing themselves in the culture. But you can use the English language to learn more about English culture.

MYTH #4: All English learners are immigrants

It is simply not true. Some people learn it because it is their official language; others study it for additional skills.

Don’t let these myths stop you from enrolling in an English tuition centre.

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