Finding A Career Path: What Communication Practitioners Can Pursue

Writing is a form of discourse that uses a system, or in this case, a language, to represent a particular thought. People do these to send text messages to their friends when going out, shoot an email to prospective employers, and communicate the efforts of your brand to your customers. These are the compelling reasons why an oral and written communication class jumpstarts someone’s career and growth.

One cannot list the different types of writing that easily. It might even take ages to explain every one of them. Seriously speaking, let us explore the career options for those interested in writing or who attended an English language school in Singapore.


There are two forms of discourse: Speaking and writing. In an oral communication class, the teacher explains how to properly speak in front of people, the proper pronunciation of words, and anything that helps the student become a good speaker. On the other hand, writing classes seek to equip learners with the necessary skills in saying their thoughts through passages in an organised and coherent manner.




Here is a question: Think of a career that does not involve communicating through written outputs? There is not! Whether you are an IT professional who codes or a chef who curates sumptuous meals every day, you will still write some things for your job. It can be a summary of your activities for the day or a write-up that represents your products. In short, online English tuition in Singapore is worth it for all types of careers.

People also write daily. They send text messages to friends, send emails to inquire about a particular service they want to hire and write down something when ordering at a restaurant. Attending an oral and written communication class ensures your professional and personal growth.




The fun part about writing is you can learn it any way you like. One would be attending formal classes with a good English tutor for PSLE or something as casual as writing down your thoughts after finishing an entire day of responsibilities. The goal is to get better every day, big or small, and appreciate the hobby.

Accessibility is another valuable trait of learning how to write. You can start with having a simple pen and paper for casual scribbling or a laptop computer with access to freelance sites that let you take projects. Educators recommend going to an English language school in Singapore, but do not beat yourself up if you do not have the means and time.






People often overlook the importance of writing in the academic and professional setting. Some even see it as trivial because they think no one looks at the grammar and coherence of what they are presenting. Another would be attending an oral communication classwithout giving writing the same attention.

Do not undermine the mighty power of words. Here are some promising careers for communication graduates and writing professionals who love explaining their thoughts and ideas.


People will question the presence of writing in news and mass media because the first thing they visualise is a person speaking in front of the television. They would also suggest attending an oral communication class for those interested in landing a career in this industry. On the contrary, writing has a place in this sector. They write news articles, present facts, and write a spiel for the broadcasters.


For writers who want something more exciting and casual, you can land a career at a magazine and entertainment company. You will get to write interesting articles about topics you are passionate about, layout the creative imagery, and many more. And the fun part? You do not need a communications degree from a university because an experience with online English tuition in Singapore is already enough, assuming you have a strong portfolio of projects.


The field of user experience is a growing industry that seeks to solve problems and make things easier for people. Their daily activities include doing user research, designing prototypes, and conceptualising many solutions. One of which is writing microcopy on applications, websites, and other digital products. The skills you have learned in an English language school in Singapore would be handy for this career.


Content marketing is a strategy that seeks to attract an audience and drive website traffic through forms of media, such as videos, images, and informative articles. Writers usually curate high-quality outputs that orient customers about the products and services, why they would benefit from them, and other marketing tactics. A good English tutor for PSLEcan teach you the necessary skills.


Academic positions are demanding: People write dissertations and research projects, perform experiments, and present them at conferences. You might think attending an oral communication classis enough. However, academic practitioners also need an aptitude for writing to be able to explain their knowledge to readers. It is like teaching a class but through a well-written paper.


You probably have read legal cases and contracts that use complex language and imagine being confused with the terms hereafter and bequeath. A legal writer prepares and sometimes simplifies these write-ups for different purposes. While an oral and written communication class does not teach this, you can use this skill once you study in a law school.


Marketing agencies now use social media for their campaigns. You would see them create visual images and other meaningful content to fulfil their business goals. You can either finish a communications or marketing degree or transition by attending an English language school in Singapore. It is an exciting job that involves answering customer queries and curating short copies for your business profile.

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