Careers paths and Skills required for Data Science

With the advancing technology, the way in which organizations are now handling their works is very different from the ways which were used about ten years back. These days, everything is moving towards a digital platform and, with that, the data that is being generated from different fields is also increasing. So, handling this huge amount of data has become very difficult. In order to overcome this problem, a new field known as data science has been introduced.

Data Science is a combination of programming skills, scientific methods, expertise, math and statistics. These skills are used to extract meaningful information from the vast data that is generated daily. For example, let us suppose that a sales person wants to know which product will be sold more. So, he performs data analysis on the data generated from the previous month and knows about the trends which were followed then, and hence, he restocks the product that was sold more. While the data analyst explains the trends by looking at the previous records, the data scientist not only performs analysis on data, but also uses machine learning algorithms and scientific processes to let us know about the future occurrences of an event. 

Careers paths in Data Science:

  • Data Analyst – The role of a data analyst is to work on the data that is generated in order to find useful information from it. They not only gather the data but also investigate and represent them.
  • Data Scientist – A data scientist uses different machine learning algorithms, various scientific processes and mathematical and statistical analysis to draw meaningful insights from the generated data which can either be structured or unstructured.
  • Business Intelligence Manager – Business Intelligence is basically the analysis of business information. So, a business intelligence manager is a person who provides the solutions, based on the analysis result, to the business organization.
  • Data Administrator – A data administrator first understands the business language as to what is it that the organization requires to build and he then transforms it into the logical data model which can be easily understood.
  • Data Mining Engineer – Data mining engineer is one who creates and enhances the statistical models in order to understand the large data sets so that the information can be easily obtained and the quality of the data can also be improved. 
  • Data Architect – A data architect initially is a data analyst and then a database designer. He later evolves into a data scientist. These people manage the data architecture of an organization by designing, creating and deploying them.

Skills required for Data Science:

  • Any programming language Java/Python/R
  • Database knowledge – either SQL or NoSQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistics and Mathematics
  • TensorFlow/PyTorch
  • Critical Thinking
  • Big Data – Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive
  • Good Communication Skills

Career Outlook:

People having the skills of data science are expected to have a great salary. In the near future, the demand for these people will be at its peak due to the huge amount of data being generated every second. As the demand of people in this field is very high and the supply is really low, so one can expect their salaries to be really high, and with time, their salary to definitely increase.

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