Education and Knowledge are the Ultimate Sources of Success

English is such a language that needs to be taught in every school. You should always try to access the ability to learn any language just by listening, writing speaking, and reading. Every day you should at least invest your 30-minute time to learn the English language. In this article, we will be discussing where to study IELTS IELTS assistance for the international English language testing system. This type of language I’ve been taught in Australia Cambridge English institution. To master this type of language and to know more in detail about this language you should read this article.

How the IELTS exam is designed?

Talking about the international English language testing system it is a Proficiency test of English where to studying IELTS (ที่ เรียน ielts, which is the term in Thai) languages the major thing. This can be studied in the British Council Cambridge English language institution. It is the type of exam, which is approximately three hours and is divided into 4 skills. The four skills are reading, listening, writing, and speaking. In each, you have to score a perfect 9 Marks. It will help you to identify your problem and help you to clear all your doubts. Results will be seen within two weeks. It is an approximately computerized exam and is conducted almost every day.

The Sequence Of Exam Pattern

Talking about the sequence of the exam pattern, we can say that it is designed and divided into four skill language. Those are mentioned below.

  • The first section comprises of listening, which is of 40 questions and is of 30 minutes. In this section you have to talk ultimately you can say that the conservation. Here only 10 minutes will be given to correct your answer sheet.
  • The reading section is of 60 minutes and also contained 40 questions here you have to read the instruction. You have to read a newspaper which is not specific.
  • In writing, you are given 60 minutes and is but it consists of two tasks. You have to write as per the given data.
  • The last one is speaking it consists of three parts and is all 15 minutes. Here you have to speak with another person.

We can conclude from the above that where to study IELTS is better. Try to rectify your skill and proceed further. If you want to learn some new language then definitely opt for it and from the above article we can conclude that the more we can study the better we can gain knowledge from it.