Job Hunting 101: Job Market In Hyderabad Back To Pre Covid Levels

Are you searching for jobs in Hyderabad? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Here in this blog, we will discuss the job market in Hyderabad after the COVID.

There is no denial that COVID has affected the economy of every nation. Due to COVID, so many people have lost their jobs. But now, things are back to normal; there is a huge upside in the jobs in Hyderabad.

It has been discovered in the recent report released by the Monster Employment Index that there has been a huge uprise in the jobs in Hyderabad, Pune, and other major cities. The Hyderabad city has witnessed a downfall, but the city is now recovering. Major hiring happened in Hyderabad from August to November.

The report was created using an internal index with a starting point of 100. The BPO, finance, manufacturing, insurance, travel and hospitality, and textiles and jewelry industries were the most impacted between April and July.

Telecommunications, marketing, market analysis, media affairs, media and entertainment, publishing, and agro-based industries were unaffected throughout this time. From August to November, job prospects in businesses such as import-export, transportation, BPO, textiles, gems, retail, and jewelry improved. Click here to know more about the jobs in Hyderabad from Workindia.

Which Job Profiles Are Blooming Post Covid?

The sector which was barely affected by the COVID was IT. But it has been discovered that post-COVID, the demand for IT professionals has increased to 16%. Besides this, hospitality, travel, account, HR, and other sectors are also back in demand. The hospitality sector has witnessed a +44% rise post-COVID.

Further, the travel industry has bounced back to +42%.

Why Are Jobs in Hyderabad High in Demand?

Hyderabad is known as a place for job seekers. The IT sector is booming in Hyderabad because of the foreign investor, and it has provided fresh opportunities for job hunters in Hyderabad. Many individuals are searching for employment in Hyderabad, from newcomers to seasoned professionals. Below are some of the reasons why jobs in Hyderabad are in high demand.

1. IT Sector

The usage of technology and facilities are two of the most important reasons for the city’s attractiveness. In all sectors, the city provides excellent job prospects. The IT and energy sectors are the most profitable. Hyderabad has made significant progress in information technology, and many experts can find fulfilling work there. Many big software businesses have also established offices in Hyderabad, boosting the number of job opportunities in the city.

2. Jewelry Sector

You must be familiar that Hyderabad is the city of pearls. Hyderabad has a long history of just being a pioneer in the gem and jewelry industry. The people of Hyderabad long for jewelry. That’s another reason why the city has a good employment rate in the jewelry sector. The city offered many opportunities for individuals who wanted to start a corporation in gemstones and jewelry. Not just this, it has plenty of opportunities for those who look for jobs in the jewelry sector.

3. Tour & Travel

The city attracts many tourists because of its rich cultural legacy and historical vibe. That’s why there is a huge demand for tourists, travel agents and travel agencies in the city. It is a great place for employment for those who want to pursue in the travel industry.

4. Construction and Engineering Sector

The engineering and construction market is also growing in Hyderabad. Due to this, there is a chance for both start-ups and job applicants. Those who want to try their hands in the construction and engineering field can surely move to Hyderabad for a job.

That’s it! Hyderabad is the place that never disappoints you in terms of employment. The city has a huge demand for potential job seekers. However, employment was quite low during COVID times, but now it is back to normal.