Every girl child in India deserves quality education

(Centre) Education activist Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan speaks with students at School No. 2 in the Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees, in Mafraq Governorate, near the Syrian border. Mozoun, a peer educator and student at the school, is beside her. Mozoun advocates for education in the camp, going from household to household to encourage families to send their children to school. The UNICEF logo is partially visible on a knapsack beside her. Za’atari, which opened in 2012, is now the second-largest refugee camp in the world. UNICEF supports ongoing education initiatives in the camp and in host communities. On 18 February 2014 in Jordan, education activist Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan visited the Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees, in Mafraq Governorate, near the Syrian border. Malala was shot by the Taliban in 2013 for championing girls’ education in her country. Her 16th birthday – 12 July 2013 – was celebrated at United Nations Headquarters and worldwide as ‘Malala Day’. Malala met with working children, students and their families and visited UNICEF-supported sites in the camp, including a school and adolescent-friendly space. She also participated in a press conference during her visit, which was coordinated by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). More than 571,400 Syrian refugees have fled to Jordan to escape the fighting in their home country. Syrians have also taken refuge in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey, bringing the total number of Syrian refugees to over 2.3 million. More than 1.2 million of them are children. UN agencies, including UNICEF, have appealed for US $6.5 billion to cover responses within the Syrian Arab Republic and host countries from January to December 2014. The appeal includes US $2.3 billion for humanitarian assistance inside the Syrian Arab Republic and US $4.2 billion to aid refugees and host communities.

It is not enjoyable to witness or read accounts of how young, talented, and intelligent Indian girls are forced to abandon their education in order to get married and take care of their families. Yes. Because women were denied an education, many girls were unable to pursue their aspirations of becoming teachers, farmers, lawyers, doctors, drivers, contractors, architects, nurses, and other professions. Girls education in India has gradually taken over, and that is just amazing. In order to assist, other women who had successfully changed their lives via education made a decision to do so.

How education benefits these girls

The right girl child in India education push benefits her family, her neighborhood, her country, the entire planet, and also her community. This is due to the fact that these same girls marry and have children of their own. They are able to teach these kids the appropriate principles and give them the confidence they need to be the best in the world thanks to their education levels. A woman with more education is also a better time and life manager. This is advantageous for her family as well as everyone around her. So, educating the girl child should never be sidelined.

Girls learning more

Girls today are not illiterate as they grow up. Whatever society these girls are in, they are conscious of and embrace their femininity in a distinctive way. Girl child in India education is spreading with more girls coming on board. For Indian girls, life used to be challenging because some households prized their male children more. But it’s excellent that things are changing because they should. In India today, all girls are considered to have a right to an education. It’s true that certain customs and cultures opt to disregard the law and follow their own rules. But the fact that it is already a law is a triumph. The benefits of education extend beyond the girl herself, as a person. This is what keeps making girls education in India something to smile about now.

Education benefits these girls more

Projects to support girls’ education or girls education in India and receive a high-quality education will always be distinct and exist, regardless of what anyone says or does. Because more and more women are willing to sponsor now, they won’t ever go away. Additionally, the girls who have received assistance in the past try their hardest to encourage the foundations that assisted them to support new girls in a similar way. This is why educating the girl child through encouraging girls to be more independent and strong in society is beneficial. Most uneducated girls are generally insecure. Because of this, they are susceptible to being duped by malevolent men, which causes them to become young moms incapable of providing for their offspring. Most of the youngsters you see begging on Indian streets come from mothers who didn’t have the good education they ought to have had.


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