When preparing for your state license insurance exam, you have three options for learning- traditional classroom learning, taking online insurance classes, or learning from insurance study materials. From that, you must choose the style of learning that suits your schedule. The traditional course learning involves an instructor verbally explaining concepts from an insurance syllabus or manual that may include visual illustrations to back up the content. An instructor may have a proper understanding of the insurance concepts, but such a learning style may not align with your work schedule.

Another way of facilitating your insurance course completion is by studying insurance manuals that may include texts, illustrations, and exam questions. The concepts might be clearly explained, but this learning mode loses the interactive process associated with classroom learning. On the other hand, an online learning model encompasses a multimedia approach when learning how to be an insurance agent. It combines the interaction process of a classroom and the consistency of instructional materials. Here are the advantages of completing your insurance course online as you prepare for your state licensing exam.


Completing your insurance course online means you can set your learning pace, depending on your needs. For instance, you can start or break from learning based on your work schedule. On the other hand, traditional class learning requires you to be in class mostly 8 to 10hours a day all weekdays to listen to the instructor and make notes. That means you have to be away from work. Also, the learning is facilitated for a group that may be too slow or fast for you. 

However, online learning prepares you for the state exam as soon as you log in to your e-learning platform. You have the instructor’s support, and you also have instructional materials for reference. That allows you to learn with flexibility as you still work to gain more insurance skills.


You can access online insurance classes anytime as long as you have your PC and internet connection. Whether you are out there in the field with your work team members working and you have gotten some free time between your schedule, you can always log in and learn. Again, you have one on one interaction with your instructor so you can ask any question without the fear of a classroom audience laughing at you.

Again, depending on your availability, the next enrollment may not align with your schedule resulting in more time before getting your insurance license.  Enrolling in online classes helps you avoid delays in obtaining your license.


According to the US Department of Education, online learning, whether blended or entirely taught online, results in better learning outcomes than solely face to face instruction. Online learning remains an effective learning mode for people who are still working and have to continue their education for licensing purposes. You can access learning materials as well as an instructor to reinforce the concepts.


Completing your insurance course online is affordable than traditional classroom learning. Since you are just starting your career as an insurance agent, online learning saves you more money, and you don’t have to stop working to attend classes.

The bottom line

You don’t have to delay obtaining your state insurance license because your schedule is tight. You can complete your insurance course online to prepare you for the exam.