Exam Revision Using Past Test Papers and Mind Maps

This article was primarily designed for parents of school-aged children who are preparing to take exams. However, it can also be applied to older youngsters. Exam revision may be a stressful period for both younger and older students. So, it’s important to start planning ahead of time with 11 plus exams past papers.

The sooner your child begins studying for the exam, the easier it will be for them to remember everything. Cramming information several days before the test can only add to your stress level, causing you to do poorly on the exam. Consider the following information to assist on this matter:

Why are old test papers important?

First, speak with your child’s teacher and inquire about the types of questions that will be asked on the exam. You can learn helpful information to assist your child in preparing for and focusing on important reading materials. Inquire with the teacher about the test’s focus areas. Obtain previous test papers for previous examinations as soon as possible. For a variety of reasons, you should strive to collect old exam papers.

  1. It will allow your youngster to observe the format of the questions and the marking of the answers.
  2. If the test questions are written rather than multiple choices, specific responses will be worth more than others. Your youngster must devote the appropriate amount of time and written material to each response.
  3. By obtaining previous exam papers, you can put your youngster to the test against the clock. During the exam, your child must manage their time effectively. Even if you answer all questions correctly, you may still receive a failing grade if you only complete part of the exam paper. You can use old test papers to conduct practice timed assessments to see how they should manage their time throughout the exam, and the time they should devote to every question.

Getting ready for an exam

It is important to prioritize reading topics most relevant to the exam when studying or taking revision notes. Having access to 11 plus exams papers would have made the procedure a lot easier. Allowing your child to scribble notes from books is not a good idea. It’s advisable to stay away from creating linear notes entirely. These can be tedious, repetitious, and tough to remember. The most effective notes use color, drawings, and highlight essential issues, making it easy to retrieve important information.