There are various competitive exams in India for scholarships out of which NCERT provides scholarships opportunities for 10th standard students. This exam is held in two parts:-

  1. a) Mental Ability Test (MAT)

This section has analytical and logical reasoning. This section consists of 100 marks and the time allotted to solve is 120 minutes. There is no negative marking in this part of the paper.

  1. b) Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

This section also consists of 100 marks but it is divided into 3 parts: Science (40), Social Science (40) and Mathematics (20). The time allotted for this exam is also 120 minutes. There is no negative marking for unanswered questions but one-third of marks will be deducted for every wrong answer.

There are around 2000 students who are awarded for each stage of education. The following are the stages:

  1. i) The scholarship provided for classes X and XII is Rs 1250/- per month
  2. ii) The scholarship of Rs 2000/- per month is provided to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

iii) The amount of scholarship is fixed according to the UGC norms for a PhD.

Since there are very few institutions that assist such scholarship exams, having a doubt solving or a question answer app can come in handy. Such apps can help any individual who is appearing for such scholarship examinations. Not only are the doubts solved but students get to access a bank of questions.

NCERT benefits students to achieve their dreams or at least help them to pursue their further education. Such apps also provide certain features which can also help them to prepare better for their examinations.

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Several apps provide private tutoring for students who are appearing for such scholarship exams so that they can prepare for their examinations thoroughly.

There are even practise tests which can help the students to give tests regularly so that they can put more effort into the subject which they need improvement and perform better in examinations. Other than competitive examinations, there are apps that help students with academics like ISCE, CBSE and state board examinations.