13 Ways to Learn the Korean Language Quickly and Proficiently

Korean is a fantastic language. It’s not only stunningly gorgeous, but it’s also really functional. More than 77 million people speak Korean, and the country ranks 21st in terms of language speakers. With 75 million Korean speakers globally, proficiently speaking Korean will undoubtedly help you. Several ways will help you learn the Korean language proficiently.

Here are thirteen things you can do to proficiently and quickly learn the Korean language.

#1 Organise a Schedule

The first step in learning Korean is to plan your time. A minimum of 20 minutes per day is required to achieve foreign language proficiency. However, make more time sacrifices to learn the Korean language quickly. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice too much of your day to reach your objectives. It is best to incorporate language study into your daily routine. Listen to a podcast at the gym, read a book on the bus, or unwind by watching a Korean drama. These exercises will help you get closer to quickly learning Korean.

#2 Select the Learning that Best Suits You

There are several methods for learning Korean. You can hire a tutor, attend Korean lessons, or buy materials. You may schedule your classes whenever you want and stick to workouts that work for you. To have a fun language learning experience, get a language study app, watch Korean dramas, and sing Kpop. If you are short on time, go with the language learning approach to get you to speak Korean the quickest.

#3 Familiarise Yourself with Hangul/Hangeul

For any Korean learner, the initial step is trying to learn the Korean alphabets. Hangul is the Korean alphabet. It may sound intimidating to try, but understanding Hangul is the quickest method to proficiency in Korean.

Hangul is a logical alphabet based on sounds, making it easy to learn the Korean language. Reading Hangul also allows you to comprehend more learning resources. Korean drama subtitles, news articles, and recipes are all predominantly written in Hangul. The best thing is that you can learn Hangul in less than an hour.

#4 Concentrate on High-Frequency Words

20% of your vocabulary accounts for 80% of your everyday speech. It is an example of the Pareto Principle in action. The Pareto Principle assists you in determining what topics to study to get the most out of your Korean lessons. However, you may always watch Korean dramas, listen to Korean podcasts, and sing Kpop songs to hear how the locals talk while learning the most frequently used terms.

#5 Loan Words are Your Friends

There are tons of English loan words in the Korean language. English loanwords have crept into regular Korean discourse. Many of them have the same meaning, but many can mean different things. Konglish is a language that combines English and Korean. This buffer zone between the two languages acts as a starting point for language learners.

#6 Switch Up Your Use of Flashcards

Use flashcards to develop spaced repetition systems as a way for you to learn the Korean language. It is a scientifically established language learning strategy that aids in the retention of new information in your long term memory. By repeating your materials regularly, you underline the relevance of your Korean study. You gradually extend the duration between reviews, which strengthens your recollection. Consider it a learning technique to help you get the most out of your Korean lessons.

#7 Get Good Quality Korean Textbooks

Discovering how to learn the Korean language on your own is critical. And a decent textbook will undoubtedly assist you in this regard. Ensure that you select your books from a reliable source. Many famous universities have books available to assist you with Korean at home, in your online class. They are an excellent supplement to help you understand complicated topics like grammar.

#8 Interact with a Native Speaker for Practice

It will be great practice to speak with a native speaker. A study companion might assist in pushing and urging you to finish your studies more quickly. Furthermore, having someone there to help you practise is incredibly beneficial. Just be careful not to communicate in English. You want a partner who is as committed to learning Korean as you are so that you may achieve Korean fluency as quickly as possible.


#9 Jam Out to K-Pop

Consider all of the opportunities you have to listen to music while you learn the Korean language. Cleaning, driving, and cooking are all ways to learn a language. Kpop also provides an introduction to current Korean culture. Listen to the music first, then check up on the words and attempt to follow along. You’ll be an expert in no time. Consider the power of repetition in music as it relates to language development.

#10 Practice Reading and Writing in Korean

Practice makes perfect when it comes to reading and writing when you learn the Korean language. While speaking is the fundamental purpose of language, being able to read and write effectively may open up a world of potential for you. Moreover, if you want to learn Korean writing in a short period, you must have the opportunity to write creatively. You’ll learn Korean faster than you ever dreamed of if you start incorporating Korean writing into your interests.

#11 Watch Korean Films and Shows

One of the best reflections of the current culture in Korea is their movies and shows. Korean dramas and movies may help you learn the Korean language in various ways. Most significantly, these scripts are in conversational Korean. It provides you with the opportunity to hear authentic Korean conversations. Make the most of your TV time by using Korean subtitles. It’s an excellent technique to practise quickly reading Hangul.

#12 Hiring a Private Korean Tutor

Hiring a professional private instructor might be expensive because you pay for their time and expertise. However, if you can afford them, they will surely speed up your learning of Korean. Nowadays, many institutions offer basic Korean language lessons for beginners to more advanced students.

#13 Visit the Country

Take advantage of any opportunity to visit South Korea. There is no better place to immerse yourself than in the land itself. Interacting with natives will be the best approach for anyone to learn the Korean language. You’d be astonished at what a night in Seoul can reveal when culture and adventure are combined.

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