Improve your Speaking & Listening Aspects

No matter how much the world develops, communicating with others will remain the same. Sure the modes would change but the languages won’t. One language that without a doubt will help you communicate with most of the people around the globe is English. The influence of western culture all over the world has made English the universal language. Schools everywhere started to include English as a compulsory language subject. The coming generation will be equipped with the language as they have been taught the subject from a young age.  English learning has become an important part of a child’s education. Not only children but adults who do not have English as a primary language take up English learning courses realizing its importance in today’s world.

While many people learn English, most of them tend to favor the writing and reading aspects much more than listening and speaking aspects. You might even know someone like that, someone who excels at writing in English but when it comes to speaking, that person mispronounces certain words and as a result, may not be confident while talking in English. How do you solve these problems? Well, it all boils down to practice. Whether you are taking a physical English speaking course or learning through an English speaking app, the most important thing is taking action and practicing over and over. Simple ways to practice are talking with your friends and family in English, try to record your speeches and run them back to see where you make errors, take every opportunity of speaking in English that comes your way, etc. Listening, as mentioned before, is also very important and should be practiced often. Try listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Observe how people pronounce certain words depending on their accent.

When it comes to properly pronouncing words, use a pronunciation app while practicing. You will be surprised to find out the number of words you were pronouncing incorrectly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, similarly just looking up the right pronunciation once would do nothing. You need to start using the correct pronunciations in sentences you use in your day-to-day life. Many times you may encounter a tricky pronunciation. Sometimes a letter may be silent like the letter ‘g’ in lasagna, sometimes a letter is pronounced differently – ‘j’ in jalapeno, sometimes the pronunciation and the spelling of the word may not even match – pronunciation of lieutenant and many more such cases. Note such abnormalities down in one place so that next time you don’t embarrass yourself by mispronouncing a word. This also can be turned into a game to help you learn the tricky pronunciations fast. Remember to have fun while learning the language. Learn to structure a sentence so that you speak fluently. As you read and learn more, you will add many words to your vocabulary, try to use a better word every time if you can in a sentence. This will help you improve your language, sentence structures and vocabulary.