TeachersWay: Transforming Education trough Erasmus+

About Erasmus + Program

Erasmus isn’t just a program that offers the freedom to study abroad, lately, the alternatives are more extensive. This decisive partnership specifically for Adult Education is among such proposed activities which empower long haul coordinated effort with affiliations and establishments to alter the instruction framework and advance non-formal training in Europe. 

Teachersway A Strategic Partnership

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Everything has been transformed, including the education system. But the transformation in the education system was begun in December of 2019, by the founders of TeachersWay. Teachersway is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program with Tony Kohhiba from France as Project manager and which has a lifetime of 28 months.

Financed by the Erasmus+ program, “TeachersWay” is an undertaking to examine and then correlate the various education systems in six European nations. The consequences of this project will be to recognize and examine various types of out-of-school instruction that can be performed by instructors at school outside the typical class – hours, It enriches educators and guardians through a knowledge-gaining manifesto. The outcomes will be shared with numerous organizations and teaching agencies to provide them the tips, recommendations, and information related to non-formal exercises and schools in and around Europe.

A Revolution in The Education System

This project is designed to create and present new ways of teaching methods which can be inculcated in a classroom. The project objective is to effectively include Teachers into the instructive cycle by directing distinctive non-formal exercises, for example, Project-Based Learning, diverse Classroom Management Strategies, and Techniques. It will recognize and inspect the different configuration of out-of-school education reforms which involves the educators.

It aims at Broadening and building up teachers’ abilities. Preparing and offering a “Learning Platform” utilized by the grown-up mentors and instructors to set up the training for educators. 

The consortium of around 20 youth workers and informal schooling experts amid six European nations will give an insight into the education system in France, Italy, Estonia, North Macedonia, Lithuania, and Romania.

Teams of educators that commands and coordinates the plan of these revolutionary teaching areas and transforming the education system for the students and teachers. Every partaking structure has shaped a gathering remembering for specific scientists, interpreters, and individuals responsible for scholarly yields spread. 

In each country, a few sub-groups including the project manager have been appointed to claim fame and permit focused errand arranging. Hence, an administration board, containing a delegate from each design, will settle on the significant choices, and organizing a meeting will keep a check on the conformation of the different scholarly manifestations.

A Guide for Parents And Guardians

This project will provide parents with tips and recommendations. The toolkit and learning platform will be available for free, also the links will be forwarded to various institutes and schools. The E-learning methods will be transformed which will offer instructive apparatuses for mentors and guardians and incorporate “Training for trainers ” modules. To learn more about this project visit: www.teachersway.eu