Pros and Cons of Giving TOEFL

If you are aspiring to become an international student and looking to enroll in the University of English-speaking countries, you have to take a TOEFL course.

Now with an online learning platform, you get an opportunity to learn TOEFL online from the best tutors that too from the comfort of your house. Earning a good TOEFL score is necessary to achieve for the following purpose:

  • Applying for A Student Visa
  • To Go for A Short Course
  • Enroll for High School Abroad
  • Exchange Program

Taking a TOEFL is a big deal and you should give a few thoughts about it as the TOEFL registration cost can be too expensive depending on the country you reside in.

Here are four Pros and Cons of TOEFL that can help you decide whether to learn TOEFL online (belajartoefl online, which is the term in Indonesian) or not.

Four Pros for Taking the TOEFL Test

1.     TOEFL Scores Are Well Recognized

One of the advantages of giving TOEFL is because TOEFL scores are widely accepted by Universities of 130 countries.

2.     Booking the Test Is Super Easy

TOEFL test is the online-based test. Many countries provide the online test centers for giving the TOEFL exam that provides you the opportunity to choose the center that is close to you.

3.     Free Learning Material

If you learn TOEFL online it becomes very easy to get hands-on online study material that is helpful for preparation. TOEFL is one of the recognizable tests and it is the reason you can find exercises, books, videos, and online courses for its preparation.

4.     Scale of Assessment

TOEFL assessment is very flexible compared to other exams. Candidate’s answers are assessed more on context and acceptable versions rather than the right and wrong approach of assessing.

4       Cons for Taking the TOEFL Test

1.     You Need to Wait forTOEFL Round

TOEFL are popular among student, booking a test window immediately is very hard you might have to wait for time to appear for your round. The waiting time depends on the facility in your country.

2.     TOEFL Is Tough

TOEFL test your overall skill like English speaking, reading, writing, and listening. You need to perform well in all the sections of the exam if you want to achieve good scores. It is better if you take your time and find good best coaching with the best tutor to learn TOEFL online.

3.     The TOEFL Exam Is Long

TOEFL exam goes for about hours. You need to work on maintaining your focus for a long duration.

4.     You Need to Have Good Computer Skills

TOEFL it is online-based you need to be good with the computer. Consider working on your typing skill if you want to appear for TOEFL IBT.