Common Questions of TOEFL Aspirants

Cracking TOEFL is the big thing, the scores you earn decides the university you are going to study in or allowed to live in English-speaking countries (like Australia).

If you are deciding to go for your TOEFL exam there are hindered questions going in your mind, and why not as Toefl isn’t a cheap exam, it can cost you around 250$ depending on the country you live in. It is better to have a clear all the doubt before taking some major decisions like enrolling in the Toeflibt course.

Here are some common questions that arise in the mind of many aspirants:

Do you need TOEFL even if you have GED or Teach GED?

If you got a GED diploma or you are someone who teaches GED (คอร์สเรียนtoeflibt, which is the term in Thai), you need to understand that Toefl and GED are two separate entities and define two separate conditions. Toefl test is to measure the English Language proficiency of a person. GED is proof that the person has completed the 12 standards. GED is a high-school diploma.

Universities want your TOEFL score for admission. Therefore, having GED or if you teach GED you still need to enroll in the Toefl IBT course and gain a good score in order if you are a non-English speaking country and want to work or study abroad.

What is the BMAT Course?

BMAT stands for the BioMedical Admissions Test. It is required to enroll in any UK based medical, dental, and veterinary schools. The Exam duration is about two hours, the test is conducted pen and paper format, and the question paper consists of the aptitude question for the testing candidate. Clearing BMAT considered tough and to prepare for it, candidates can enroll in classes for BMAT Course (คอร์สเรียนielts, term in Thai) preparations to achieve desired scores.

Do you still need to prepare for IELTS or TOEFL along with BMAT?

As the definition has mostly layout for you the BMAT and TOEFL are separate entities. In case you are taking up the BMAT Course for getting into the medical disciplines, you still need to provide TOEFL scores for your admission to the universities.

Should you prepare for the Toeflibt course?

TOEFL is a tough exam and it is going to test your English Language proficiency. In case you are someone new to prepare for an exam and want to clear the exam in the first attempt, enrolling in an online class is a good option. There are lots of online learning platforms for the TOEFL ibt course available, which you can enroll in and prepare for TOEFL from the comfort of your home.