When Should Parents Hire A Tutor For The Child?

Parents often ask whether their child needs a home tutor so that the grades will get better. Working parents usually lack the time to supervise the child’s schoolwork and while the child can research for information online, adult supervision is still necessary. Individualized teaching can benefit a student particularly in subjects that they are struggling with. 

When does a child need a tutor?

The most common sign that a child is struggling with a subject is a sudden decline in test scores. The child may be good in math but if there is difficulty with reading, he may not understand a math worksheet. The teacher usually notices when the child’s attention is drifting and suggests individualized learning that will fully focus on the child’s weaknesses. Once the problem area has been pinpointed; the tutor can take action to help the child improve his grades. 

One of the reasons why a child is underperforming is he does not understand the lesson. It is also likely that he is confused with some concepts and cannot keep up with the expectations. If the child repeatedly gets anxious when there are tests or acts defensive when the grades are poor, he may be facing difficulties with the subject. Home tuition will focus entirely on the child and his difficulties so that he can do better on the next exam. 

It is natural for a child to be apprehensive when there is a new concept. Uncertainty will result in a lack of confidence. The child feels that he is not smart or good enough to do well in a particular subject. One of the benefits of home tuition is flexibility. Parents can request an increase in lesson frequency whenever there are subjects that require more attention. Home tutors can adjust their time according to the student’s timetables. Successful tutoring can give a child newfound confidence that will result in increased participation in the classroom. 

When the child reaches secondary school, the workload usually increases so that the parents can no longer maintain the same level of help they have extended during primary school. Sometimes, parents cannot comprehend the new subjects covered in school. There are tutors who are fresh graduates from Secondary and JC education and are familiar with the current school syllabus. Fresh graduates are among the most committed to providing home tuition. 

There are children who have been diagnosed with learning disorders like dyslexia or visual processing problem. These children have to study harder than their peers in order to do well in school. Fortunately, there are home tutors who have the experience and empathy to teach children with disabilities. School becomes less difficult and more enjoyable because of the tutor’s guidance and attention. 

It is important for parents to choose a tutor that their child will be comfortable with. It takes longer for a child to adapt to a stranger. A child would prefer a tutor who is very patient and kind in guiding him through the lessons. They easily understand the lessons to excel in their examinations.