4 Reasons to Choose an International School After Moving to Singapore

Moving homes is already stressful for a child. However, moving to another country can be a more substantial obstacle. An international school in and out of Singapore are institutions that provide an education based on an international curriculum for a global community. Here are four reasons enrolling your child in an international school is the best choice.

#1 Promotes an International Perspective

An international primary or secondary school in and out of Singapore is globally oriented. They provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be active citizens in a global community. They are also culturally diverse spaces, allowing students to connect with children from all over the world and culturally aware teachers from various countries.

#2 Breaks Down Language Barriers

English is the primary language in any international school around Singapore. Hence, your child will be able to fit right in if you come from an English-speaking country. They will also have the opportunity to learn the national language of the host country and another one or two languages that might interest them.

#3 Internationally Recognised Curricula

International schools teach an IB or GCSE programme, providing them with globally recognised education and qualifications. It will allow them to seamlessly transition from one international school in East Singapore or abroad. The IB curriculum is also known for being challenging. It emphasises critical and independent thinking, which results in capable, globally-minded students.

#4 Encourages Active Student Communities

Joining the best international primary and secondary school community in Singapore surrounds your kids with people who have faced similar challenges. They share similar experiences and understand you and your lifestyle. Your children will have the opportunity to meet and spend time with other families and school staff who understand your situation and are skilled at assisting new students.

NPS International School is a top IB and IGCSE school in Singapore. They are committed to developing future world leaders who are aware of and capable of bettering the world. Visit their website to learn more about the school and their curricula.