6 Beginner Steps To Becoming A Pilot

Air travel is a beautiful experience, as many have testified. Being so high above the ground in the course of a journey is quite thrilling, except for those with great acrophobia. However, more interesting is being the one in control of the airplane as it glides through the sky. Piloting a plane is a dream many hearts would like to achieve, but the limiting factor is the fact that having the needed technical know-how seems beyond them. The good news that changes this fact, of recent, is the presence of good online aviation knowledge pools such as the Avsoft online aviation courses. Do you want to be a pilot? Are you interested in flying planes and wondering how to prepare, the steps to take? Here are the first six moves to make on your journey to becoming a pilot as a beginner.

  1. Flight Schools Research

This is the first vital step to take as a beginner seeking to enter the aeronautic field. lookout for a flight school that offers what you really want and suit your desire and needs most. For example, you may be better off with flexible online aviation study schools, such as the Avsoft online aviation courses. You may also consider them suiting your pocket too! After finding the right school for you, then you apply and get accepted.

  1. Obtain FAA Medical Certificate

 After a choice of flight school and application for acceptance, the next step is to obtain an FAA medical certificate. There are basic medical requirements that are to be met by aspiring pilots. Student Pilots must pass a third class medical exam by an Aeromedical examiner (AME). A commercial pilot will need a first-class medical certificate.

  1. Obtain FAA student pilot certificate

The next step is to apply for an FAA student pilot certificate. You will do this through the FAA’S IACRA website, preferably with the help of your flight instructor. The certificate is not needed for flying lessons, but to fly solo during training.

  1. Begin Introductory Flight Training

Before enrolling in a pilot training program, successful completion of an introductory training flight is required. There you get to experience how it is to be at the controls in a flight, see what a flight school will offer you firsthand.

  1. Pass the FAA private pilot knowledge test

During the training, you will need to take and pass the FAA private pilot knowledge test, at the endorsement of your flight instructor. The test is in written form. 

  1. Pass the practical ‘check ride’ test.

Here is the last stage of earning an FAA private pilot certificate. Its a practical and oral exam that is conducted by a DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner). Success at this means you are now a private pilot. 

However, to become a commercial pilot, there’s still more way to go. You may want to find out more at Avsoft online aviation courses.