SAT Math Study Tips for Best SAT Score!

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The SAT Exam Pattern

Section Questions Time
Reading 52 65 min
Writing and Language 44 35 min
Math 58 80 min


SAT Math Study Tips

No matter how many practice questions you perform, if your basic math skills are lacking, it will be impossible to raise your SAT Math score.

If you see that you’re missing practice SAT Math problems because you’re not confident in a certain content area, work on your content weaknesses first. Improve your scores in the quickest and most effective method possible. Fixing surface-level errors can be done from here, so you can move on to more complex issues later on such as reading questions wrong or basic carelessness.

If you’ve been missing questions in arithmetic because you’ve been solving for the wrong value, consider this trick. Underline the keywords in the question to avoid confusion throughout the calculation.

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Math problems sometimes ask you to solve for a value while also requiring you to solve for another. Students lose track of the value they were intended to find and end up picking the trick solution. To avoid this, underline relevant parts of the question. It’s easy to lose time and momentum referring to the SAT math section’s formula list. It’s best to remember the formulas beforehand.

Questions that are difficult to answer should be skipped. This is a vital SAT time management tip. If you’re stumped by a question, skip it and go on. Lingering on difficult questions may cost you easy points if you miss questions later in the segment. Spend no more than a minute on each question in Math.

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