Education Is Making Notable Strides

Over time, a rising wave of students opting for Singaporean education has been seen. The Singaporean education system is one of the toughest globally, and it is very competitive and goal-oriented. It has led to many Singapore brand international school in Cambodia. But why are so many students and parents attracted to this system? Let’s check it out!

Precise And Targeted Curriculum

Singapore’s education system primarily focuses on developing a creative mindset amongst students. It is precise, and group activities and projects are encouraged to ensure proper communication skills and classroom etiquette.

Impeccable Quality Of Teacher’s Training

Individuals must have a Bachelor’s Degree to begin the training for becoming a teacher, only 5% of the total candidates clear that training. Due to this, only highly suitable for a teacher’s position get into the said field. This training is conducted by the National Institute of Education (NIE). Teachers undergo performance assessments from time to time to keep them accountable and ensure that the best quality education is imparted to the students.

Result-Oriented (Not Rote Learning)

The teaching focuses on problem-solving and not merely rote learning the given content. It is made to teach children how to solve real-world challenges, leading to more curiosity in children. The learning is two-way to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and asking their queries. They hold students accountable in classrooms to ensure a complete focus on education.

Teach Less, Learn More

In Singapore, the education system follows the well-known and essential principle of “teach less, learn more.” This principle states that the teaching part should be lesser and the students should be encouraged to understand things independently. This is done through experiments where the students draw their conclusions. This principle is the crux of any education system wherein the students aren’t prepared for classroom examinations but for problems they will face in their life.

While the claim of the Singaporean education system being the best globally is debatable, it is highly noteworthy for sure. Singapore has its system spread all over the world. While Cambodia is one of the most targeted countries, it is one of the many others.