Education Tools: a Boon or a Bane

Technology in the form of mobile phones, tablets and laptops has penetrated deep into our lives. Similarly, education has also been deeply affected by technology through education tools. The constant use of educational tools in the world of education has raised some speculation in the minds of both parents and teachers. Some speak against it, and some for it. Let’s find out if education tools are a boon or a bane.

Pros of Education Tools

Improves and speeds up the Learning process

Education tools have brought us into a new era of learning where the process is far more enjoyable. Students can easily understand complex concepts which are harder to understand just through books. This is possible because education tools use interactive and engaging methods.

Easy Accessibility

Technology by itself is highly accessible it is available in every corner. This allows technology to break barriers in education by offering diverse learning opportunities. Students from remote locations who cannot attend an educational institution can access the same level of learning with the help of technology and education tools.

Cons of Education Tools


Being expensive is a significant drawback associated with acquiring and maintaining technology in educational institutions. A lot of educational institutions are left out of technological advancements because of limited funds when it comes to getting education tools.


Distractions are a common evil accompanying educational tools. It is common for children to get distracted and switch to something else instead of learning. Social media and games are two such evils that cause major distractions. It is hard to keep up with these online diversions without the strict intervention of parents and teachers. 

Health Issues

Health issues are a major drawback of technology. Overuse of technology has resulted in eye strain and disrupted sleep patterns. There has to be a limit on how much or how long education tools should be used. This balance can help rule out health issues associated with technology in education.

Reduced Activity

At the growing stage, it is necessary for children to be physically active and social. However, the use of educational tools limits their physical activity and social interactions. Children often end up caged in a cycle that revolves around technology without any holistic learning experience.


Before we wholeheartedly enjoy all the benefits of technology and education tools, we must weigh the cons, too. With the use of a thoughtful and balanced approach, we can harness the power of educational technology effectively and avoid the cons.