Effective Measures for Enhancing Women Education in India

Women’s education is still prohibited in most Indian cultures. Education enables women to lead an independent life. Women will become more self-sufficient in the economy when education is provided. The professional women will improve the economy of the family progressively.The woman education will establish gender equality in society. Education enables the woman to become responsible individuals in society. The education given women will make them an effective role player to improve society. The following are the constructive measures to be taken to ensure women’s education.

Ensuring safer infrastructure in schools

 The girl child needs special attention than the male child. The girl child is more vulnerable to child trafficking than the male child. The schools must ensure that the girl child should reach the home safely. The schools must provide transportation support to the girl child to avoid trafficking. The hygiene for a girl child is very important. The schools must provide clean toilets for the girls. The schools should be well furnished with all types of furniture and building. The schools without this minimum infrastructure will not be a safer environment. The schools should form an association with the participation of the parents of the girl child. This association should frame the rules and working process to ensure child safety. The progress of girl child education india is dependent only on infrastructure.

Preventing Domestic Violence 

 Domestic violence affects women and children psychologically in a great manner. The prevention of domestic violence will ensure empowering the girl child in india and a secure environment for them. Domestic violence results in even a loss of life. The government has to take eye-opening initiatives to reduce domestic violence. Psychological counseling should be given to children and women to overcome the incidents. The counseling should also be given to the family members to treat them responsibly. The legal action against domestic violence should be taken rapidly. The relief for the victims should be given effect.

Enabling NGO to prevent crimes

The crime against women is taking place in an increased manner. The recent social change has increased the crime against women. The government should frame policies to enable the NGO to help victimized women. The NGOs should provide medical and physical help for the victims. The government should make the rules easier to offer help to NGO.

Creating Laws and Policies for Empowerment

The government should make laws against the crime against women. The legal proceedings of criminal cases against women should be finished in a rapid manner. The government should frame the laws that consist of strict punishment for the crime against women. The rehabilitation of these affected women should be done by the government effectively.   

Final Words

The empowerment of the woman is very important for economic growth. Gender equality should be maintained for social health which is achieved by empowering girl children and women. The women should be bold enough to seek help to protect them from crime. The woman should live in a peaceful environment for social improvement.