How To Properly Clean The Windows

Crystals have many advantages for our home, provide light and give an elegant finish; however, cleaning can be very difficult because due to their transparency, small dirt residues are immediately visible.

Here are some tips to properly clean the windows:

How To Properly Clean The Windows


To prevent dirt from accumulating on the windows, we should review them periodically whenever possible. In this way, dirt does not accumulate excessively even when there is flooding and you need flooding help.

To prevent the windows from getting too dirty, you should also keep your surroundings clean, such as blinds or curtains. In addition to achieving a cleaner result in general, we avoid that the remains of dust or dirt can pass to the crystals.

The Right Time To Clean The Windows

The proper time to clean the windows is in the morning when the sun rises or just before sunset. If we clean the crystals when the sun is full, their rays will dry them quickly, and there may be marks because we will not have had time to dry them with the appropriate elements.

Cleaning the windows in full sun also prevents us from seeing the dirt marks from the light, when the sun’s inclination varies and the light not so directly can surprise us with unexpected spots.

Remove The Crystals From The Frame Whenever Possible

The most effective way to clean the crystals is to remove them from their frame since, in this way, we comfortably reach both sides and depending on their size, we can immerse them in water. We know that this is not always possible, but when you can do it, you will notice the difference.

The Best Natural Products To Clean The Windows

The best natural cleaning products for our entire home are lemon and vinegar, also for crystals. These elements remove lime and accumulated grease, so they are used to clean the windows of our entire house and any business.

Clean The Screen After Each Use

Cleaning the shower screen to remove soap residue and dry with a dry cloth after each use, is ideal so that dirt does not spoil your finish. Once a month it is also advisable to carry out a deeper cleaning with an anti-lime product or a little lemon.

How To Properly Clean The Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows are the most difficult to clean because they are always in contact with the grease in the food we cook. To clean them we can use a cloth impregnated in white vinegar that is an excellent natural fat remover. If there is too much dirt, we soak the cloth and leave the crystals soaked in vinegar for at least half an hour.

Then we pass a cloth impregnated in clean water to remove the vinegar from the crystals. Finally, we dry with newspaper, this material absorbs water, dries in seconds and has no risk of scratching the glass.